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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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us. there's no excuse. do you think the government is telling the straight story about ebola or are they keeping something back? vote in the greta wire poll. up next, "the o'reilly factor." the to riley factor is on tonight. >> did this message not get to the president? >> why is he still raising money, playing golf, when he's acknowledged -- >> the press corps really bearing down on president obama. why the sudden change? we will tell you. >> it's clear that our security plan was not properly executed. this is unacceptable and i take full responsibility. >> it doesn't get worse for the secret service. now an interloper has said to have broken into the white house itself. did the service try to cover this up? we'll have the latest. it is highly unlikely that i will seek the death penalty in this case.
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>> also ahead, the oklahoma man that beheaded a coworker charged with murder. but is there a terrorism component to the crime? is it legal? it is investigating. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. president obama gets blow-back from the intel community which is the subject of this evening's poll. there is deep anger among some working in the cia, dia and other american intelligence agencies because president obama told "60 minutes" it was an intelligence failure, not his fault, that isis grew into a monster. >> how did they end up where they are in control of so much territory? was that a complete surprise to you? >> well, i think our head of the
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intelligence community, jim clapper's, acknowledged that i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> at this point president obama has not taken any responsibility for the botched intelligence on isis. that has led to some evaluations for some. november 13, 2013, the deputy assistant secretaries for iraq and iran said this in front of the house committee. >> isil was led by a specially designated terrorist under u.s. law now based in syria. earlier this year he announced a campaign of terror to include attacks against iraqi services, government targets and civilians. >> there's no question that isil is a question that is going routes of syria and iraq. >> okay. so that means the president had to know that the state department at least believed isis was a major threat. number two, february 11, 2014, this year. the director of the defense
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intelligence agency told senator joe manchin that isis was a major problem. >> how serious is the threat from the affiliate to pose for the regional stability there? >> i think it's a increasingly concern that we'll have to pay very close attention to, not only inside of iraq but for the whole region as you're highlighting. >> so again, president obama had to know. a terror threat was brewing. yet the president did nothing. many believe the president does not want to engage in war on terror in general. he does not want the usa to launch major offenses against terror groups. therefore, the president looks away hoping that a situation like isis and syria will go away. and now, president obama is paying a price for his passive
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approach to jihad as the beheadings of two americans by the isis savages has awakened the public in america. the anti-terrorist situation overall is bleak. for decades pakistan has undermined afghanistan and america by harboring the taliban. we all know that. president obama even knows it. for decades iran has funded hezbollah and trained a variety of shia terrorists on iranian soil. president obama well aware. the al qaeda leader amman al-zawahiri is still at large and some nation is harboring him, but some countries do not fear the united states. what did we do to bin laden all those years? nothing. and when they helped to bring bin laden down, president obama again did nothing. the doctor still languishes him in prison to this day. so mr. obama's resumé on
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terrorism is about as weak as you can can get, or am i wrong? reaction in new york city, i think we have laid out a pretty persuasive case that president obama is, what they call in denial about worldwide terror. am i wrong? >> yeah, i think you're wrong. i don't think the case you just made shows that he's in denial. i also don't think the two clips you showed really backed up what you said. because you're suggesting ma somehow people were ringing alarm bells over isis. that is not what the clips showed. it showed they posed a threat but didn't show them overthrowing a country. if you look at what the president said, james clapper said, is accurate. you have admiral rogers saying the same thing, look, we new they were a threat and didn't understand quite how bad they were. we knew they had the capability but didn't know they had the
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will. >> so you're saying president obama, number one, knew they were a threat. you'll see that. >> i think he knew they were a threat but that it was going to end up where it was. >> he didn't know the big threat but a little threat. >> he didn't know they were going to overrun iraq the way they are. >> he knew they were a threat and didn't do anything about it, that makes him look weak, does it not? >> not if his senior advisers were telling him -- they said that they think they have the capability but not the will. that's what his senior advisers say. >> you are in a distinct minority that the president looks extremely weak on terror. i'm going to give you latitude. but bashing obama, we have heard it a million times. some in the audience want to hear it a million one, but i'm actually interested in why, if you're the commander in chief and you get messages that it's a threat, and you do absolutely nothing about it, zero about it,
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why, why would you put yourself in jeopardy? why do you think? >> well, to try to explain barack obama in all fashion, to try to explain him, this man won and won the presidency as an anti-war leftist. but he's completely committed to that. he expended his presidency minimizing the jihadi threat. so when it came to isis regardless of what he knew about isis and when he knew it, he lapsed into a pattern we have seen repeatedly with this president and the team around him, which is deny, deflect, delay and then stonewall. and in the case of life and death like the jihadi threat, you can't get away with it forever. >> i believe that the white house security staff didn't know they were going to behead people on camera because who would, but i also believe powers that president obama is very much like herbert hoover. before the great depression. a lot of signs, but ole herbie didn't pay attention and the
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whole economy clapgsed and we went into a depression to last a decade. that's what president obama is doing. you said i didn't make my point. pakistan, pakistan, we have done nothing to that country. they have -- they have harmed the united states and our military to an extent that is outrageous. throwing this doctor in jail. we have done nothing to them. >> what would you like them to do? >> cut it off here. you asked a question and i the answer man will respond briefly, cut off all money and aid economically and militarily immediate until the doctor is let out of jail. number two, tell the government of pakistan that we will support india, their greatest enemy, to the extent never before seen unless they clean up the northern provinces. that's what i would do. go. >> if i remember correctly, you support the drone war over pakistan, right? ? >> yes, i do. >> what do you think will continue with that? >> we continue that but the pakistani government should be cleaning out these people. >> with the pakistani government opposing it? then we are basically at war with the pakistani government.
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we have a realize ship with pakistan. >> a relationship with them? >> you also claim that the obama administration has done nothing. you don't know that. >> yes, i do. i have sources all over the place. >> yeah, i'm sure you do. >> you can sit there and say i don't know what i'm talking about, but the record shows he hasn't done anything. >> there's plenty that happens behind the scenes, bill. >> okay. >> last word? >> first, the president's inability to admit a mistake and take responsibility for anything. >> speaks for itself. >> speaks for itself showing a lack of leadership and maturity. on the second issue about intelligence where he's saying all these people let me down, they didn't tell me and misunderstood or underestimated the threat, the biggest threat of all, forget about pakistan and isis, is iran. if he's saying that the people let him down, number one, why are they still in their jobs in number two, how do we rely on the intel of nuclear weapons? that's the potential threat. >> we have a chain now because he's so angry about iran that he'll be out later. ladies, thank you for the
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42-year-old omar gonzalez now charged with unlawfully entering a restricted building with a deadly or dangerous weapon. gonzalez an iraqi war veteran jumped over the white house fence on september 19th. now reports say he actually entered the mansion. apparently he wound up just outside the green room on the first floor. but that was not initially reported by the secret service. cover-up? joining us now from austin, texas, karl rove spent a lot of time in the white house. to me this is inconceivable, what say you? >> it is very troubling, very
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inconceivable. he jumps the fence, makes it across the lawn, gets to the north portico in the front door and enters a giant hallway, goes down the cross hall into the east room, this is a big distance. i have walked this many a time. and even if you're sprinting, this is a big distance. gets into the east room, turns around, comes out and is tackled by a uniformed division officer who apparently was off-duty. he was part of the protected detail for the daughters. and he's not even supposed to be there. this is really troubling. there's supposed to be a point if somebody breaches, there's supposed to be an alarm near the door that goes off so the agent, so the uniform division officer at the front door could lock the front door. and apparently that alarm did not go off. the reports say it was muted at the request of the ushers office. and if so, that is very troubling. the ushers are the people, the ushers are the people who run the interior of the white house. and they should not be dictating to the secret service that we don't like the loud alarm. the alarm is supposed to be loud
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for a purpose. and that is to alert the officers that a threat is imminent and they all have tasks to do at that point. >> but there's also guards at the white house. i mean, they are all over the place, they were on the roof, they were in the doorways, they are everywhere. nobody saw this guy? nobody did anything? so look, this is very troubling. and i have to say that julia pearson who testified today in front of the house, she's got to go. she said, it's my fault, i take responsibility. it's probably not her fault as far as she didn't have anything to do with the people at the white house, the secret service and how they reacted, but it's the culture. it's obvious that it's undisciplined, slip-shot at the white house on the ground. it is not all secret service, not every detail, but she's got to go. and the whole culture's got to change. i have a sheet here, just in the last three years, this was one after another after another of security breaches, of conduct that was unbecoming, the whole
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thing has to be top to bottom reorganized, am i wrong? >> well, first of all, i'm not willing to say she aught to resign. first of all, let's divorce the problems because we have three levels of problems here. we have the immediate instance where gonzalez gets into the white house and they need to quickly understand why there's a publicly acknowledged five sort of walls of security surrounding the white house. there's actually more than that, but he got through all five of the ones that are public. >> that's insane, though. >> and look, there's some explanations for part of it. they didn't release the dogs because between the dog handler and gonzalez where secret service guys and the dog would have been trained to go for the first target, which would have been a secret service guy, not gonzalez. but come to a complete understanding of that and change the procedures and put them in force. to me the big problem here was there was an alarm that went off at the front door, why was that alarm silenced? >> this is a bigger problem with
5:17 pm
the service. >> i agree. >> wait, let me just say this. that man could have had a suicide bomb strapped to his chest. >> sure. >> okay? that's how they do it overseas. they blow things up. the fact that this man could have gotten in there and blown up the white house, certainly conceivable. means you change the whole system top to bottom. >> here's the deal, here's the deal. you need to do whatever changes you do thoughtfully. so i believe that director pierson has a responsibility to solve this immediate problem, but there's a bigger problem here. and i think there needs to be a top to bottom review of the secret service. for whom i have enormous respect and great affection having worked there. and what we need is -- we need people to look at this from top to bottom because we have a culture problem with the incidents involving prostitutes in the netherlands. >> we need to bring in somebody at the top.
5:18 pm
we need to bring in somebody at the top. >> we need a careful review in order to chart the right path to this. let's not do it quickly, let's solve the problem quickly and immediately begin a top to bottom review of the secret service. >> mr. rove, thank you. the white house press corps hammering president obama. why the big change? then later, is it legal? the awful oklahoma beheading case, is the alleged killer an islamic terrorist? the ladies will tell us. up ahead as "the factor" continues across the usa and all around the world. like, the one the bank sees. sheesh, i feel like i'm being interrogated over here. she's onto us. dump her. (phone ringing) ...hello? oh, man. that never gets old. no it does not. not all credit report sites are equal. members get personalized help and an experian credit report. join now at with enrollment in experian credit tracker sm.
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unresolved problems segment tonight. covering the president of the united states. for six years many in the white house press corps gave president obama the benefit of every doubt rarely challenging his folks'
5:22 pm
people. now, things have changed. >> this is one of your key people on iraq who was raising this alarm in november of last year. did this message get to the president? did he believe it? did he not hear it? what happened? is he detached? does he feel like the critics coming after him and just doesn't matter anymore? why is he still raising campaign money, playing golf, when he's acknowledging he doesn't have a strategy to deal with this? >> joining us now from washington to analyze the anchor of media buzz sundays at 11:00 a.m., howard kurtz. is the white house press corps finally doing their job? why? >> as i've been telling you for months, bill, whatever romance existed between obama and the media is gone, it's a bad marriage. and now they are quick to push back against what they see as excuses. today's front page new york times story filled with payback from the spy guy, like the senior intelligence official that says some of us were pushing the report on syria, but
5:23 pm
the white house just didn't pay attention to it. it was not a big priority. >> i don't think their heart is in its other than, you know, karl from abc, henry, of course, but i don't think -- you remember back when reagan was president and how sam donaldson delighted in embarrassing him. i remember that, i was in the newsroom with sam and he was just ripping reagan and nancy like crazy. he loved it. he lived for getting reagan and did the same thing to nixon. they did the same thing to bush the elder to a lesser extent. their heart isn't in it now, but i guess they're forced because of the beheadings to go after president obama. >> i think this all started with the botched obamacare rollout and then the press likes when the president takes personal responsibility for screw-ups. when it is pushed off on some other like kathleen sebelius fault, you get a lot of questions like, what did the president know?
5:24 pm
why didn't he know this? as to the heart being in this, i think they are doing the job because they are trying to hold the president accountable. maybe some are disillusioned or disappointed, but also when the president goes down in the polls as barack obama has, it becomes easier, maybe almost the in thing to do to kick that president around. >> okay, but here's the major mistake you're making, kurtz, and you are, you are making an enormous mistake, which i'm going to point out in front of millions right now, you actually apparently believe that the white house press corps makes their own decisions about tone and questioning. they don't. the editors in "the new york times" tell them what to do. same thing with "the washington post." same thing with most television agencies. i've been there, i've seen the executive producer of "the dan rather" program tell him what to ask and how to ask it. they are not calling their own shots those people sitting there. they are taking orders. and i still maintain that the liberal lion papers like "the
5:25 pm
times" and "washington post," their heart isn't in it. they are embarrassed because they threw in with president obama early and thought he was the greatest guy of all time. it's all coming apart. their heart isn't in it. so reply to that. >> i think a lot of the wireless correspondents would take issue with the fact that -- >> what are they, little bo beep? >> whether you are right or not, you mention the big papers, editorial pages of the washington post and new york times -- >> now. >> when you say beyond a reasonable doubt he's lost control of the process. now! but for six years, they didn't. >> i would say four years. i think there's been a lot of criticism in the second term because the president hasn't put points on his gun control, immigration and all of that. but by the way, media not getting any medals for covering the isis threat. yes, there were reports here on fox news about the growing threat in iraq and syria, but it was never a us is taped top of
5:26 pm
the newscast. >> let me break this to you, there's no access to syria. the press can't cover stuff like that. it's the same thing with the weapons of mass destruction bush pushed to the world by using come colin powell. we don't have access in this. but when your own guys that we just used at the top of the show aren't testifying in front of congress, you have this big threat brewing and the president says, well, i didn't know. there should have been more, the media -- >> the media should have made more about it. but i'm glad we are on the case. all right. plenty more as "the factor" moves along. charles krauthammer says the world is surrendering to iran with their nukes. and the islamic terrorist. is it legal or investigating? stay tuned for those reports. ths in the world, are the largest targets in the world,
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personal story segment tonight. one of the members of the personal select committees in the house is michele bachmann. she's retiring this year but stopped by to pay us a visit before she goes. isis, when did you know that it was a threat? exactly when. >> we had heard about it almost two years ago, about the group. and then we watched the hoofbeats get louder and louder and saw the up tempo.
5:31 pm
before christmas we knew this was a real problem. >> before christmas 2013. >> that's right. >> when we ran the talking points clip of the testimony. >> we knew it was currently rising before that, it was a real problem. >> as kurtz pointed out, the press didn't make a big deal out of it. i didn't cover it. when you have obscure hearings where assistant deputy secretary of state comes, we don't usually cover that. but the president is saying now, look, i didn't know. i mean, in my intel people didn't tell me, is that possible? >> no, that's impossible. it is incredible or derelect. >> so you are at home watching this -- >> my jaw dropped and i said, that's absolutely not true. the president had at least as much information as we had, presumably far more information than we had. so it's incredible, he knew. >> then let me ask you a
5:32 pm
follow-up question, you have been in politics for a long time and you don't particularly tell something to "60 minutes" that will come back the next day to bite your head off. you don't. >> no, you don't. >> but he did. why? how? >> i can't explain why the president did it. all i know is they have lived in this fantasy world where they pulled all the troops out of iraq, they kept protesting over and over that they had al qaeda on the run, that they decimated al qaeda. they couldn't take the fact that reality didn't match up with their fantasy. >> i think there's something true to that, but i think the president did believe that everything was okay when he said it, but he was absolutely di diralect in following up. >> i knew earlier this summer, i asked the fbi for classified brief. i wanted to know if minnesotans had joined the islamic state.
5:33 pm
the white house is doing nothing. everything we do in the intelligence committee is behind closed doors. and i will tell you, on both sides of the aisle, we had one particular session where we gave it to the administration and said, you guys better wake up. this is -- >> when was this? >> i don't have the exact date. >> ballpark. >> it was earlier this year. it was earlier this year. we said to the administration -- >> so the select community sent it over to the white house and still they didn't do anything. okay. and i believe you. >> we told them to wake up. we said this is very serious and you need to take it serious. >> it is on the president's resumé and it is not going to get off. nobody is buying it that it was the intel that screwed up. and i have to go after minnesota. i have to. i've been there many times, i like it. rainy lake, up in the boundary waters, terrific place. >> that's where we used to go vacationing to catch fish, a beautiful place. >> but al franken is inexplicable. this man has voted 100% for
5:34 pm
every obama policy even though the obama presidency looks like a failed presidency. how can minnesotans re-elect this kind of an individual? i'm not getting it. >> well, it's not a given that he will get re-elected. >> he's up 49-36 against some guy i have never heard of. >> mcfadden is a credible candidate that can pull it out. >> but why is he behind 13 points? >> well, again, with al franken as you said, he has the most liberal voting record in the u.s. senate. he's not representing the average minnesotan and it's a matter of getting the message out. >> but 49% are willing to vote for him again according to the latest poll. >> 49% are seeing positive ads about all the great things al franken has done. >> i'm sorry, congresswoman, i'm sorry. >> we need more money for the ads to get the side out on the other side. that's the problem. mike mcfadden has not had the money to get his story out. >> why don't the minnesotaans give it to him because this is a disgrace.
5:35 pm
it's a disgrace. >> i'm with you, but again, it's all about economics. if we can get the message out and tell the truth about al franken, he won't be re-elected. >> i don't do election politics like this, but if franken is rehe equitied, minnesota will never live it down. it is unbelievably embarrassing. >> minnesota was the only one that did not have the sense to vote for ronald reagan if that tells you something. >> congresswoman, thank you. appreciate it. is it legal or whether the alleged oklahoma killer is indeed a terrorist? and krauthammer on iranian nukes, coming right back. you used to sleep like a champ.
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synchrony financial. enagage with us. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill to ro'reilly. alton nolen is charged with beheading a coworker in oklahoma city and assaulting another. is nolen an islamic terrorist? i have tasked both of you, don't you like that, tasked, to investigate this and give us your educated opinion. you're going to go first. is this man an islamic terrorist who should be charged in addition to the state charges,
5:40 pm
federally with terror snichl. >> yes. any definition whether you look at it federal or state involves killing people and terrorizing a greater number of people. terrorizing civilians. this guy was shouting arabic things like beheading this woman. he has on his facebook, osama bin laden and pictures of beheadings. he converted and was trying to get people at his office to convert. i mean, yes, he should be charged. the question is, will he have? i'm not so sure about that. >> why not. >> because it is easier to go with the first-degree murder charge. >> they don't want to do it because it's easier, that's embarrassing. >> but they didn't do it with the ft. hood massacre. >> the question i have for you is, remember attorney general eric holder is still there but not really there. holder didn't want to charge hassan in the ft. hood massacre. the fbi director is the guy who can do it. >> right. >> holder can't override him in
5:41 pm
this juncture. so number one, i assume you agree with wiehl. >> i do. based on the facts that we have, some of them listed by lease, and i think they should make this precedence. just because it is easier to go the state route doesn't mean they should forego calling it what it is. although both of them have the same outcome. >> here's what it is. i have two more topics to get to, but here's what it is. this guy is an islamic nut. >> right. >> this is a copycat killer. >> of course. >> he wanted to commit suicide this alton nolen. because sure he he knew he was going to get away wit. and the oklahoma authorities should absolutely put the death penalty on the table even though i don't believe in the death penalty. if you're going to visit, it has to be done in the right -- that's right. okay, but is a copycat situation. but this guy is an islamic terrorist. that's what he is. >> if you look at the
5:42 pm
circumstances of how he was radicalized and became a jihadist. >> in the trial next week, he should be sentenced the week after. in michigan there's an epidemic of teenagers on stupid machines sending pictures of themselves to other teenagers and adults. what's happening in michigan? >> okay, this is wyoming, a city in michigan. and the wyoming police department is investigating it. it's a young girl, a minor, this investigation is ongoing. a picture was posted of this young girl performing an inappropriate act on a young man. >> how old is the girl? >> we don't know the age. >> we just heard before the air it was not a selfie. it was not a selfie. the girl is a minor. we don't know her age but a minor. >> so everyone involved in this should be charged. >> absolutely. >> the idea of how old is the person depicted in the photograph, is that the individual that captured the image? and then whether or not this is child pornography.
5:43 pm
>> even if they are children, they need to be charged so the message goes out to other american children who have to stop this. because as i said, it is an epidemic in this country. >> it is still child pornography if a child takes this picture. >> there's no taking it back. it's all over the place. >> it gets into the hands of the wrong people. >> as i said last night on this program, i believe sergeant tahmooressi in prison in tijuana will be released soon by authorities. >> yes, two psychiatrists said he's suffering from ptsd. >> two mexican psychiatrists. >> yes, two mexicans. >> he's out of here. no rehabilitation for him in mexico. we have to rehabilitate him and can't do it here so he goes back to the u.s. >> the president should have done a clemency thing to make him look noble. but we do believe that, and i don't want to get everybody's hopes up, particularly the tahmooressi family, but all of the stars are aligning now and
5:44 pm
we hope that happens. >> and this is a mistrial that would be granted because they don't have the facility to treat him for ptsd. >> in mexico. >> he could be treated for ptsd in san diego at the time. krauthammer on deck. he believes america is surrendering over the nuke situation. charles is moments away. why do people count on sunsweet amazin prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet amazin prune juice. also available in light. on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat...
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back of the book segment. tonight a dire warning for the world. >> once iran produces atomic bombs, all the charms and all the smiles will suddenly disappear. they will just vanish. and it's then that the iatolas
5:48 pm
will show their true face and unleash their aggressive finaticism on the entire world. >> tbenjamin netanyahu agrees with you with the soundbyte from the u.n., but i don't think anybody is listening. what do we do? >> this is the biggest story. this year for nothing else than the surrender on iran. that will be the major event of 2014. it's not being talked about in part because we're trying to get isis to -- or trying to get iran to help with us the war on isis. and most importantly because president obama gave up on these negotiations long ago. >> how do you know that? how do you know that he personally gave up? because he knows how important it is. he knows his administration in
5:49 pm
the court of public opinion of foreign affairs, how do you know he gave it up? >> you judge a man on his actions. his actions are consistent. he weakened the sanctions even before this round of negotiations. so he weakens his hand. when sanctions were the only thing that went around the table in the first place. so we already have tons of european companies lining up in tehran waiting for the full collapse of sanctions which they know is coming. second, you look at what we have been negotiating with iran. our position for 10, 15 years has been you cannot allow iran to enrich because once you do you cannot stop it from going nuclear. what did we do? we conceded in advance the principle of enrichment. they are allowed to enrich. the question is, how many centrifuges can they keep? iran right now as 19,000.
5:50 pm
you know what, it's demanding 190,000. and we are looking for all kinds of fixes and fig leafs which will allow them to enrich and then pretend we have capped their program. we are that we've capped their program. we're negotiating to do nothing of the sort. even if it's successful it will leave iran a few months away from a bomb. we know it, obama knows it, iran knows it, the world knows it. they'll sell it to the supine press as a historic agreement. it will be a few months away. whenever it decides it's ready. when the icbms is ready, whenever the technology to put it on the tip of a missile is ready, in three months they're a nuclear power. obama tells us that our intelligence will tell us exactly when they turn that key. he now admitted he didn't even know isis was a threat after it
5:51 pm
took ramadi and fallujah. and he's telling us that our intelligence is so bad on isis and yet will be intensely and perfectly tuned to pick up developments inside iran of which we have no idea. >> now, if you're correct in all this, because it is a little bit of convehicle tur, then israel is going to do something because they're not going to sit back and allow iran to get these weapons. i mean, netanyahu has made that perfectly clear, that he's willing to go to war to stop iran from doing it. so do you foresee that happening? >> i foresee it happening if two things occur. number one, if it is clear that the negotiations are done and that there's nothing the west is going to do. obama doesn't -- i mean netanyahu doesn't want to do it now. he'll be accused of intruding on negotiations. he's the warmonger. they were about to reach some
5:52 pm
historic agreement and he got in the way. so his hands are tied right now. let's assume negotiations do not succeed. do the israelis have the capacity to damage the iranian program enough to set it back maybe two to three years? the only thing that would prevent netanyahu from attacking -- this is a man who knows the weight of history is on his shoulders and he's aware that jewish history relies on his making the right decision. the only thing that will restrain them is if they think they do not have the capacity. i think israel can do it. i think the assumption suspect it can do it, but if it doesn't attack, it will be for one reason only. they thought they couldn't do it. >> very dire, and we appreciate it, charles. i'm going to give charles' book a plug. but first, i want you to donate some money to the independence for the wheelchairs, the track chairs in return for this plug, okay?
5:53 pm
>> i would do it nonetheless. >> i know you would because you're a good man. the book is "things that matter." absolutely a great phenomenon, it's back on "the new york times" best-sellers list. that's worth a couple bucks to the independence fund, right, chuck? >> absolutely. i'll come up with more than a couple. >> thank you. and the vets thank you, too. why rock 'n' roll is a good thing.
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there's a case of ebola in north america. and we will have that throughout the evening today. the factor is investigating. we don't want to get ahead of the story too much because there's a lot of panic involved with ebola, a lot of that. we'll have fall report tomorrow. there was a press conference today. we're checking everything. but we want you to know that we are on it and that fox news hard news people will report throughout the evening. the tip of the day, why rock 'n' roll is a good thing, in a moment. but first, we're welcoming thousands of new bill o'reilly
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5:57 pm
dictates his failed policies. he just cannot process any reality that goes against his belief system. france is bombing isis inside syria. false, scott. france is only bombing isis in iraqi territory. mr. o'reilly, we love your idea of an anti-terror mercenary army up here. thanks, guys. tell us about my vision, i'm enjoying "killing patton" immensely but a newspaper column said you avoided his anti-semitism. what say you? i say it is not a biography of the general but a look at his performance at the end of world war ii and his very strange death. there was plenty we left out about patton because the narrative was tight. we stayed in that area. for the record, george patton had two trusted advisers who were jewish americans and his private corresponds over the years pretty much disparages every ethnic group.
5:58 pm
he was a crusty guy, although there is no excuse for vitriol against innocent people. for the record, the far left is desperate, desperate to disparage "killing patton" because they despise general patton and they despise me. it pains them to see the overwhelming success of the book. ralph point pleasant, new jersey. hey, o'reilly, how come you and miller never play jersey? you got a problem with jersey? no problem, ralph. love the state. my mother was raised there. but ralphie boy, miller and i will be in philadelphia on saturday, october 25th. you got car keys? charleston, west virginia, friday, october 24th. info on want to see everybody in jersey at the philly show. the tip of the day. one of the problems with modern society is we're losing sigts of our history. some of the urchins don't even know who elvis presley was. and rock and roll in general are fading fast. i want to bring to your attention a new book by a rock
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legend. ♪ if we could start anew ♪ i wouldn't hesitate ♪ i'd gladly take you back tears on my pillow ♪ ♪ pain in my heart ♪ caused by you ♪ you >> that's little anthony who fronted the imperials, a terrific early pop group. his biography "little anthony, my journey, my destiny" in the marketplace right now. for anyone interested in rock history, it is a must read. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the website different than if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be a quidnunc.
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i'm bill o'reilly, please always remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the terror army known as isis has advanced to the outskirts of baghdad. facing a weak and fearful iraqi army just miles away from possibly grabbing its biggest prize yet. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. it was then president obama described isis as jv. since then we have seen the jv squad capture mosul, tikrit and ramadi, establishing a territory the size of the united kingdom. now that group also controls most of the suburbs to the northwest and south of baghdad. they have been testing the troops there defending that city


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